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About us

The idea to create a craft malt house germinated (pun intended) in the mind of Alan Stewart of Stewarts Organic Farm as he pondered how to bring added value to grain he was growing; rye in particular.  As he considered the various options for rye, the making of beer and whiskey stuck out in his mind.  He soon realized that beer and whiskey are not made directly from the grain, there is an intermediate step of malting the grain that had to be undertaken first.

His curiosity got the better of him, and he steeped (pun intended) himself in various books and courses on the subject of malting.  Realizing that the Atlantic Canadian craft beer and malting industries were completely dependent on malts that were not malted in our region, Alan decided to open Atlantic Canada's first malt house.  

Malt houses cost money, so the Stewart's utilized the Community Economic Development Investment Fund (CEDIF) vehicle to raise money through the sale of shares to interested Nova Scotians.  The response to this initiative was overwhelming, and the malt house was born.  Construction began in June 2015, and the first malt was produced in April 2016.

Great care was taken as to how, and particularly where, the money to build the malt house, and the necessary craft malting equipment, was spent.  Keeping with the CEDIF philosophy, the majority of the money was spent close to home.  Kings County of Nova Scotia is home to a multitude of talented people, and they created the beautiful structure and the most critical components of the malting process.