Why Organic Floor Malt?

Craft beer is made in an artisanal manner that distinguishes it from mass produced beer.  However, in many cases, although the malt they use has been made especially for craft brewers, it is still produced in a very conventional manner; large automated production volumes, several hundred tons at a time.  Floor malting, on the other hand is a more artisanal approach; small batch sizes tended to by a malster that uses his/her senses and a few rudimentary hand tools.  Craft floor malting is a better fit for craft beer.  
 The production of malting grains using organic practices is another way that organic floor malt is a good fit for use in craft beer.  Craft beer suggests a mindful approach to beermaking. Organic farming has a focus on producing products in a way that attempts to minimize environmental impacts, with overarching principals designed to achieve this goal.