Life After 50

We recently produced our 50th tonne of organic floor malt.  This represents a maturation of sorts, if you you haven't learned anything after doing something 50 different times...  The malts we have produced over our first six months have been satisfyingly consistent.  Our organic floor malts always will differ slightly from batch to batch, but within the context of our "hand made" approach, we are pleased with the results.  Having said that, we feel that the malts we will produce in the upcoming winter months may be different from those that we have produced in the summer.  We stopped malting barley in October, and are devoting the month of November to rye.  When we resume malting barley in December, the weather will be fundamentally different, in Canada we call this phenomenon winter.  This means we will be able to achieve lower malt bed temperatures, and the air that we draw into our malt kiln will be drier.  Our summer malt has a slight caramelized aspect caused by elevated malt bed temps and prolonged kilning times because of summertime humidity.  We feel our winter pale two row malt will not exhibit as much caramel, and will be crisper and have less colour.  Of course, time will tell, as in all matters associated with our new malt house project, we will forge on and see what happens.  We will continue to be able to supply the heavier summer malt from our inventory over the winter months as it makes a great winter beer.