From Ground to Glass

In our opinion, the craft beer value chain extends from "ground to glass".  The main ingredients of beer come from the land. At Horton Ridge, it is our goal to maximize the economic value of Atlantic Canadian craft beer to our region by producing malt here.  Malt is mostly made from specific varieties of barley, and at the moment very little is grown here.  We are working with Atlantic Canadian organic farmers to change that.

In the meantime we are relying on Western Canada as a source of malting barley.  Malting barley is a commodity, and it is typically bought through a broker, allowing no connection between the farmer and the malter.  At Horton Ridge we feel we can maximize rural economic impact by purchasing malting grain directly from the farmer.  Our future purchases from Atlantic Canadian farmers will be direct from the farm, and we are happy to report that the barley that we are sourcing from Western Canada is purchased from Kelsey & Jeremy Pletz of Hidden Creek Farms near Fort Qu`Appelle Saskatchewan.  They began farming in 1999, and like Jeremy`s father they farm organically.  Besides producing 4 children, they raise beef cattle and grow barley, oats, hemp and triticale.  The picture above shows Jeremy and daughter walking through a field of malting barley.

Beer made from our malt, in your glass, can be traced right back to the ground at Hidden Creek farm.  Now that's "ground to glass", the way craft beer should be.